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Knee-jams are an important part of a climber’s repertoire – and knowing that you got a tough fabric protecting your knees and thighs, and good friction from your climbing shoe will give you the confidence to pull through and get your send.

With climbing being generally a rugged sport, it’s comforting to know that the originators of brands like E9 and Evolv are climbers themselves [i, ii]. They understand what climbers need from our apparel and shoes and they do this by sourcing top-notch raw materials, weaved and cobbled together based on technical research and creative innovation.

E9’s Quality Fibres

As previously mentioned in our earlier article, E9 uses fabrics that are long-lasting. Apart from being sustainable(it allows for the apparel to be in circulation longer), it is also a practical long-term investment in your climbing journey.

E9 uses modal fabric made from bio-based fibres derived from wood pulp. It is a material that dries quickly, is crease-resistant and stays soft on the skin and bright even after many washing. It’s also very durable.

Other than modal, E9 also uses linen, a long-lasting fibre that has temperature-regulating properties and is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Hence, choosing such fibre means that the health of your skin is also taken care of as you venture.

Evolv’s Engineering

Evolv resolves to help climbers climb the world’s hardest climbs and they do this with their inventive approach. This is exemplified through the use of TRAX Rubber and Agion in the making of their climbing shoes.

Trax Rubber [iii] was developed by a rubber scientist with a PhD in Material Science /Chemical Engineering, who did research on  Rubber Science (yes, there is such a thing!) It was specifically engineered to give the best friction, performance, and durability whether you’re an indoor or outdoor climber. There are four types of TRAX Rubber that Evolv incorporates in their various shoe models – TRAX ENDURO, TRAX GT, TRAX SAS, AND TRAX XE. Each variation was created based on specific use cases.

Agion has antimicrobial properties which control bacteria related to odours on the surface of the product [iv].

Evolv and E9 further enhance the materials they use by doing diligent research and development, allowing them to innovate and improve their products.

Italian Creativity 

E9 selects the best materials and combines them with Italian creativity and continuous innovation to ensure exclusive and unique products.

Research is their first and essential step in the creation of any E9 items. They then apply advanced techniques such as their “DRYTECH – Superskin” production method. This offers excellent abrasion resistance and great freedom of movement thanks to the stretch effect, allowing exceptional breathability. The finishing on the fabric also ensures the fast-wicking away of sweat.

Technical Innovation

Evolv dedicates itself to the pursuit of technical innovation to bring a renewed focus to the modern-day climbers. Below illustrates how each part of Evolv shoes plays a part in a climber’s performance:

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