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We Are Boulder Planet

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Nothing Out Of Reach

Bringing the best talents, equipment and materials from over the world, we aim to build a community that enjoys and grows with the sport.

More than just a shop.

Welcome to our world. The Boulder Planet Shop is a one stop shop for the climbing community to come together to push limits and connect to the great outdoors in an indoor environment.

Product DNA


One of the core values of Boulder Planet is to do good for the planet. Hence, the Boulder Planet Shop commits to sustainable actions by reviewing and researching any brand that would come on board, ensuring that they align with and practices the same values throughout their production and packaging process.

Premium materials

The Boulder Planet Shop endeavours to bring trusted brands that are committed to producing climbing equipment and accessories with premium materials, generating quality-made products.


The Boulder Planet Shop regards convenience as a priority. With two physical stores, one at Boulder Planet Sembawang and the other at Tai Seng, as well as an online store: shop.boulderplanet.sg, we want climbers to be able to get what they need when they need it.

Our Partner Gyms

Visit our showroom

BP Showroom

Grantral Mall
601 MACPHERSON ROAD #03 - 10

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 3pm - 9pm
PHs / Weekends: 11.30am - 9pm


Visit our retail store

Boulder Planet Sembawang

604 SEMBAWANG ROAD #B1 - 22/2

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 10pm
PHs / Weekends: 10am - 9pm

Our History


Boulder Planet onboarded E9 & Tenaya

In 2021, the Boulder Planet Shop brought E9 apparel and accessories and various Tenaya climbing shoes model to provide the necessary gear for climbers. These products were made available in-store at Boulder Planet Sembawang and online. Through these, Boulder Planet commenced our mission as a climber's one-stop destination for their climbing fix and needs.


Boulder Planet partners with Evolv to be the official distrubutor of Evolv

Later, Evolv became a partnering brand, and the Boulder Planet Shop is a proud distributor of Evolv products in Singapore. With this, we could offer more choices for climbers that suit their needs and unique styles. Evolv has also been one of the leading brands that have supported local events through sponsorships.


Boulder Planet onboarded SNAP

SNAP quickly became a crowd favourite when it was finally added to the Boulder Planet Shop catalogue. The slick design and one-of-a-kind features of their bags and accessories piqued many climbers' interest.


Boulder Planet opened it's second retail shop at Tai Seng

Towards the last quarter of 2022, the Boulder Planet Shop expanded to its second in-store space at Boulder Planet Tai Seng, extending the reach and ease of getting new climbing shoes, chalk bags, and buckets.


Boulder Planet partners with Wild Country to be the official distrubutor of Wild Country

Wild Country has now become a partnering brand, and the Boulder Planet Shop takes immense pride in being the exclusive distributor of Wild Country products in Singapore.