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To try, and fail, and try again, pushing progression through creative climbing projects.

Join the revolution with the best rock climbing shoes out there in the market. Applying the ethos of incremental improvement to the design of technical climbing shoes and to amplify the creative voices that make up our diverse community of climbers.

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    Preparation and climbing accessories are vital when it comes to climbing. At The Boulder Planet Shop we want to make sure that you are ready for your projects with our climbing essentials. Whether you are a sport climber or a boulderer, we got you covered with our array of stylish, yet simple chalk bags and climbing apparels from E9.

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5 more reasons to buy e9

E9 x Sustainability


The sense of responsability to try to contribute to the protection of nature and the planet for a company like ours, that does not produce primary goods for life, is and has always been very strong, especially in recent years, thanks to the obvious consequences of a “global” indifference in his theme, and also in E9 is more alive than ever. E9 has always pro­duced in Italy and this not only add prestige and value for production in a qualitative sense, but also means above all a "Km 0" production.


E9 uses bio-based and durable raw materials in their apparel, such as modal and linen fibres and organic cotton. The modal fabric comes from fibres derived from wood pulp, making the apparel durable, so you don’t have to keep buying new ones.

Another example of a long-lasting fibre that E9 uses is linen. Its cultivation requires less water, and rainwater is the primary source of irrigation. Lastly, organically grown cotton limits the use of pesticides to protect the quality of the soil it’s on. Organically grown cotton also uses less water and supports biodiversity.


This fabric comes from bio-based fibers derived from the wood pulp. Extremely comfortable and flexible, it dries quickly, is crease resistant and stay soft on the skin and bright even after many washing.

Lightweight, stretchy and breathable nature. An eco-conscious, stylish and durable choice for clothing.


E9 is one of the outdoor companies who took part to the ''Single Use Plastic Project" Team of the European Outdoor Group. Starting from our pilot project on Spring Summer 202 shipments untill now we eliminated around 90% of polybags on our products. With your help we aim to reach 100% polybags-free soon.


Since 2019, E9 is one of over 150 organizations that support
conservation projects around the world through the European Outdoor
Conservation Association (EOCA), an organization founded in 2006 with
the idea of helping to preserve wild places and ecosystems for future

As a charitable organization directly funding specific projects, the association wants to show that the European outdoor industry is committed to putting something back into the environment, and all working together a real difference can be made.

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