More than twenty years have passed since the birth of E9. Many things have changed in the system "World". Everything has been unnaturally and frantically speeded up, against all human inclinations. The abysmal distance from concrete life, which took its cues from traditions, from the rhythms of nature, which did not necessarily fol low the logic of profit, made us forget values and sound principles. We have turned into "automatons", extensions of our smartphones, unable to express real feelings but more and more attentive to how they appear. The necessary logic to continue that path of real, altruistic, and sustainable "construction" has failed. But suffering nature has imposed its stop. Although we already knew it, it's time to react before all the good things that remain will be erased. Consumerist logics have failed. Returning to the consumption of what is necessary is an obligation for a better future in balance with Mother Earth. Don't waste, don't buy just because it's cheap. We need to use what we really need, taking inspiration from nature and its way of functioning, its perfect mechanism, its beauty, its harmony, its true elegance without formality and full of strength.


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